Cheatham PRESS

Cheatham Press is our student author program that helps young authors publish their creative works. Something special happens when kids see their name on a book they wrote. Pride in ownership of something they’ve solely created is undeniable!

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Participating in a writing program can teach your child many essential skills like:

  • Project Management – When do I start? When do I finish? How do I break-up the rest of the jobs in between?
  • Creative Thinking – What do I write about?
  • Critical Thinking – How do I best present my ideas in words? What part will pictures play in moving my story forward?
  • Exploration and Research – What all can I include in my book?

As a parent, you can see your child’s progression in the books they create each year. You will see them grow as writers, as critical thinkers, and as project managers. All this while still exploring their creativity!


Cheatham Press Payment 

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Cheatham Press Printable Permission Form 

*Permission Form MUST be returned by November 1, 2019

How does this program work?

  1. Parents sign-up to register their students for Cheatham Press. A fee of $5 is required to sign-up.  Sign-up begins August 14, 2019.

  2. Registered students will have a Student Kit delivered to their class. Each kit includes a cover page, inner cover, lined sheets for writing, blank sheets for illustrations and an author page. The kit contains detailed instructions about the usage of the different types of pages. 

  3. Kits will be delivered to students' classrooms two to three weeks after they are ordered.
  4. The deadline to order a kit is November 1, 2019.
  5. All completed manuscripts need to be turned into the library by February 4, 2020. 

  6. Volunteers review the completed manuscripts to check if all pages are completed and are ready for publishing. Please note that volunteers do not correct manuscripts for content, grammar, or typos.

  7. Manuscripts are sent to a publishing house in February to be printed and bound.

  8. Printed books are received, checked against original manuscript, and readied for display in March.

  9. PTA hosts an Authors’ Reception to honor our student writers - TBD. Published books will be placed in the school library. When student authors leave Cheatham, they get to take their published works home with them. 


How do I volunteer?

Login to your Cheatham PTA account and update your PTA Volunteer Opportunities 2019-2020 to indicate your willingness to help with Student Book Publishing (Cheatham Press). We will reach out to you to help us with:

  • Designing and creating the Author Board at Cheatham
  • Collating the completed manuscripts
  • Checking the printed copies and readying them for display
  • Organizing the Authors’ Reception


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a copy of my child's book to keep?

Your child's book will be kept in the library at Cheatham Elementary until they leave the school. You may order an extra copy if you would like to have one before then.


How do I order extra copies of my child's book?

You will be given a permission form to sign in January giving permission for your child's book to be published.  That form will include instructions on how to purchase extra copies directly from the publishing house vendor.  Additional copies cost $19.95 and will arrive in March.


Why must I be a member of Cheatham PTA for my child to participate?

We must purchase the Student Kits upfront even if the student does not submit the book for publishing. We are requiring that parents be members of Cheatham PTA to participate in the student book publishing program because the PTA subsidizes half the cost of the Student Kit, hosts the Authors' Reception, and organizes the volunteers that make this program such a success!  


What grade levels can participate?

From Kindergartners to 6th graders, all kids have ideas to communicate, and each one of them can participate. Starting a practice of writing a book a year is a tradition that pays off richly in the long run.


What if my child can’t write fiction?

That’s not a problem at all, because both fiction and non-fiction are acceptable. Your child can write a book of poems or about a favorite holiday destination. They can create a recipe book with Nana’s favorite recipes or write about themselves. The only condition is that the idea needs to be original.



Questions? Please contact Christina Harris