Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership Award


A Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership Award is one of the highest honors presented to an individual for outstanding service to children. Recipients have contributed significantly to the work of the PTA or to the Cheatham Elementary community.  


Honorary Life Membership Award recipients have been recognized for their contributions and are exempt from the state portion of dues at the PTA of their choice.


Beverly Cheatham Elementary PTA Honorees:

2011: Cassie Luther, Fred Moore, Alisa Peppers

2012: Stephanie Logan, Libby (Sands) King, Mika Graham, Mary Summers

2013: Mary Jane Barnes, Cynthia O'Neill, Kim Jensen, Julie Rodriguez

2014: Bharti Patel, Becca Penny, Cheryl Swartzbaugh, Tasha Young

2015: Keon Byrd, Julie Latos, Jamie Brunett, Kim McCree

2016: Amy Gamble, Carin Engelbert, Insiya Patwa, Christy Corr

2017: George Lee, Stephanie Smith, Allison Hargraves, Kate Slaughter

2018: Caryn Fecht, Jaime Thomasco, Jill Hirsch, Daisy Mahoney

2019: Jill Nortman, Kim Mathews, Barbara Milo, Brandi Motion


Additional Honorees:

Beverly Cheatham (Reed)

John Holley (Anderson)

Fran Plinck (Story)

Julie Georgas (Story)

Christi Norris (Vaughan)

Tammy Chase (Reed)