Cheatham PTA supports many wonderful programs and events throughout the school year, but we can't do it without the amazing support of our program chairs and volunteers!  The following is an overview of the programs along with the associated chair and volunteer responsibilities.  Follow the links for more detailed information along with how to participate in or volunteer for specific programs.  A general Volunteer Interest form can also be completed and is included with the back-to-school packet.



 Academic Programs

Chair researches and schedules programs to enrich curriculum (e.g. math or science night)

Volunteers may assist the chair.


 Allen Eagle Run

Chair promotes the Allen Eagle Run and helps organize Cheatham activities surrounding it such as contests and prizes.

Volunteers help at various events around the school.


 Arts in Education

Chair trains volunteers and organizes schedule.

Co-Chair organizes Reflections (Art Contest) and collects artwork from Cheatham Students.

Volunteers work with the Allen Arts Alliance to introduce artists to students in the classroom (1st-4thgrade) once a month on a rotating schedule.


 Book Fair

Chair plans, organizes sets schedules, and works with classes to view books.

Volunteers help decorate, setup and take down book fairs; and they work in short shifts to assist students in making selections and as cashiers.


 Box Tops

Chairs organize two contests throughout the year, count and mail Box Tops, and collect money.

Volunteers count Box Tops.


 Bulletin Boards

Volunteers help teachers and Cheatham PTA decorate hallways and bulletin boards through out the year.


 Copy Room

Chair organizes copy room materials and schedules volunteers on a monthly rotating schedule.

Volunteers sign up for shifts to make copies for teachers.


 Destination Imagination (DI)

Chair recruits volunteers, provides training, and handles fees for teams through Cheatham PTA.

Volunteers manage teams of no more than 7 students for competitions in creative, problem-solving themes. Teams ususally meet on a weekly basis determined by members of team.



Chair helps beautify the Cheatham campus and promotes recycling, Earth Day activities and other “green” conscious events.

Volunteers help at various events around the school.


Cheatham Chow Down

 Volunteers needed for planning committee. Volunteers assist at booths and count tickets.


Healthy Lifestyles

Chair finds a way to encourage health mindedness and coordinates the annual 21-Day Snack Challenge.

Volunteers help at various events around the school.



Chair organizes celebrations and events to support staff, families, and students (i.e. snack cart, teacher birthdays, welcome team and staff appreciation).

Volunteers provide food and beverages at Cheatham PTA events.


Welcome Team

Volunteers coordinate activities for Meet the Teacher, First Day of School, and Summer Activities.


Cheatham Press

Chair works with the Librarian, teachers and book publishing company to set dates, schedule editing times with students, communicate and market to school, and plan author reception.

Volunteers assist with promotion, editing, submission, and delivery of books, and assist with author reception.


Cheatham Chatter

Volunteer generates the Cheatham PTA weekly parent newsletter.


 Picture Days

Volunteers help with Fall and Spring school pictures by getting the classes from their rooms and making sure students have completed forms ready for photographers.


Cheatham PTA Communications 

Chair manages the Cheatham PTA website and Facebook page. 


Restaurant Spirit Night

Chair organizes events throughout the year with local restaurants where Cheatham families can eat at the restaurant and have a portion of the cost of their meal come to Cheatham.


 School Supplies

Chair meets with teachers to create supply lists and coordinates collection of payment and delivery of supplies.

 Snack Cart

Chair purchases snacks, drinks and paper products and keeps a list of supplies to be distributed to teachers once a month.

Volunteers sign up for a shift to deliver snacks to teachers.

 Spelling Bee

Chair coordinates the spelling bee competitions for all grade levels, in accordance with Scripps Spelling Bee rules.

Volunteers judge or assist at Spelling Bees.


 Spirit Wear Design and Sales

Chairs create spirit wear, organize sale events and distribute spirit wear.

Volunteers work shifts at events to sell spirit wear. They also assist in delivering spirit wear to students.

 Spring Fling

Chair coordinates dance to be held after hours in April with themed dances/activities for students and parents.

Volunteers assist with decorating, set up and booths at school-wide dance.


 Staff Appreciation

Chair plans and hosts teacher appreciation breakfast, luncheons and other special events. Chair plans and communicates Teacher Appreciation Week activities.

Volunteers assist with special staff appreciation events.


 Volunteer Advocate Chair

Chair communicates Cheatham PTA events and volunteer opportunities to class room parents.


 Cheatham Watch D.O.G.S.

Chair coordinates Spring and Fall events to bring awareness to the program. Top Dog Team oversees daily campus presence and support from dads and father figures.

Volunteers (dads) serve at least one day per semester in a variety of activities as coordinated with the school counselor.

 6th Grade Graduation

Chair works with 6th grade teachers to plan 6th grade graduation celebration events and fundraising.

Volunteers assist in graduation activities (e.g. Val-o-Gram).